“Notre Dame” is this year’s most popular Google search term

GoogleGoogle.Photo: Pixabay

“Notre Dame”, “Vy” and “What to vote for?” are among this year’s most popular Google searches in Norway, revealed statistics from Google.

“The dramatic fire in Notre Dame in May triggered a huge upsurge in the search for the French landmark,” writes press officer Helle Skjervold in Google Norway in an email to NTB.

This overview is based on which keywords have increased the most from 2018.

“What is a shaman” is among the questions Norwegians have been asking the most in 2019. The list also includes “What does Vy mean?”, “What should I vote?” and “Who won the election?”.

Terrorist Philip Manshaus topped the list of men’s names  people have been looking up while Laila Anita Bertheussen topped the list of women’s names.

“After a year in which environmental issues have defined public debate, it is perhaps no surprise that Greta Thunberg, as the climate change movement’s poster child, is among the Google searches that has increased the most,” Skjervold writes.

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