Now bus drivers will have to prove they are sober before they drive

Bus driversBus.Photo. Pixabay

In five years all buses will have an alcohol lock mounted.


“Passengers must be confident that the driver is not drunk,” said the Transport Minister, Ketil Solvik-Olsen.

Alcohol locks will be initially required for buses and minibuses, but may in the long term be expanded to include taxis and freight transport.

The lock works by the driver having to blow in an instrument. If the alloy lock is green, the driver can start the car.

‘’Passengers must feel completely confident that the driver is not drunk.

This technology is now available and well-tested, so that we think it makes sense to use it. We want to increase traffic safety by introducing the use of ‘alcolocks’,” said Minister of Transport, Ketil Solvik-Olsen of the Fremskrittsparti (Frp) to NRK news.

The Nettbuss company has already installed alcolocks in all contracts where this is required, including in Østfold. Communications Manager,Dag Bones of Nettbuss is positive to the alcohol lock.

“We are positive about all measures that promote road safety. But it’s an expensive matter to retrofit alcolocks on all buses,” he said.

Increases road safety

The decision of parliament came two weeks after the Norwegian Public Roads Administration launched a list of 136 measures, which will ensure that the target of more than half of the number of dead and severely injured in traffic for the next twelve years is reached.

Over five years, the ‘alcolocks’ will be fitted in all Norwegian buses and minibuses. Solvik-Olsen said that bus companies will have transitional arrangements to put in place the equipment.

Taxi company says it’s “only positive”

The Transport Minister pointed out that several bus companies and transport companies already have alcohol locks in their vehicles as a general road safety

Even though the new rules do not currently apply to taxis, Moss Taxi has already fitted alcolocks in its 46 taxis.

‘’We experience this as positive. We have only received positive feedback from our customers,” said taxi driver, Per Skau Thorvaldsen.

They chose to mount the equipment for the sake of customer safety. They should not doubt that taxi cab drivers are sober behind the wheel.


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