Now you can earn NOK 100 from one full garbage bag

rubbish from the beach-lineRubbish from the beach-line.Photo: Norwegian Society for the Conservation of Nature.

Naturvernforbundet (Norwegian Society for the Conservation of Nature) starts a deposit scheme to remove rubbish from the beaches and lakesides.

– Plastic trash in nature is a tremendous threat, especially for life in the oceans, says Kristian Skjellum Aas of Naturvernforbundet.

Now they invite all who wish to partake in cleaning up the nature, to get NOK 100 for each full trash bag that is being collected.

 Pilot project

It is Naturvernforbundet in Sogn og Fjordane, together with Sunnfjord Miljøverk IKS (SUM) and Sparebankstiftinga Sogn og Fjordane that has taken the initiative for this scheme.

– We have received NOK 30,000 FOR the project, but we hope that we can expand the project to all municipalities, but then we need more money. We use the money up quickly to pay out the deposit. But that is naturally what we wish for, says Bendz.

To organize the «whole of» Norway

Kristian Skjellum Aas of Naturvernforbundet says he does not know whether the project will become countrywide, but that he hopes for several similar initiatives.

– We absolutely hope so. The initiative is working well. Anything that can lead to less plastic in the wild is good.

He says the organization already has a similar project in Østfold.

– All collected garbage bags acts as tickets in a big lottery, where people can win various prizes.

– It’s nice to see that so many involved in this. The beach agony on Sotra has thankfully meant that many have got their focus on plastic in nature, says Kjellum Aas.

Soon more plastic than fish

Marit Bendz hopes that many wish to take part in this festival.

– Anyone can join up. We hope that school classes, clubs and organizations will join up. Not to forget private persons, says Bendz.

To participate, one must register on-line. Sunnfjord Miljøverk IKS will then take contact with you to arrange how to get rid of the waste.

– It’s nice to finally be underway. It’s frightening what happens. If developments with plastic in nature continue as now, there will soon be more plastic than fish in the ocean.


Source: / Norway Today