Now parts of sick leave get digitized

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From September 29th, a portion of workers on sick leave will receive and send sick leave electronically to their employer.

Once the doctor has written and sent a digital sick leave, the sick leave is received as an SMS or email from NAV with an invitation to log on

The doctor’s certificate will be in your inbox at the new service “Your absence.” From the sick leave which is sent via Altinn to the employer, which in turn may notify NAV who has the responsibility for those who are sick.

Digitization will make communication easier for all involved: the sick leave, employer, doctor and NAV.

Developed step by step

The service is under development, and now, only the employer’s part of sick leave can be communicated via the web. Part D of sick leave, sick money demanded, must until further notice be submitted on paper. In the longer term also part D of sick leave will be digitized.

Will apply increasingly more

Currently there are about 40 percent of those on sick leave taking sick leave on The percentage will increase gradually as doctors’ systems are upgraded.


Source: NAV  / Norway Today