NRK asks to increase its license by 75 kroner

NRKNRK.Photo: Gorm Kallestad / NTB scanpix

In a letter to the Ministry of Culture, Broadcasting Director Thor Gjermund Eriksen requests that the broadcasting fee be increased by NOK 75 in 2019.


If that’s the case, the license will increase to a total of 3,054 NOK including VAT next year. The increase of the license in 2018 was 102 NOK compared to last year, writes Today’s Business.

After VAT, NRK will receive approximately NOK 5.4 billion in license fees in 2018, and if the proposal goes through, the totals will increase to NOK 5.5 billion next year.

Media spokesperson for Frp, Morten Wold, is dissatisfied with the license proposal.

– “NRK must be able to make savings instead of claiming even more money in licenses. People already pay a lot for their license today,” Wold said in a statement.

The broadcasting fee is a statutory public fee determined by Parliament each year. The obligation to pay a broadcasting fee is independent of which TV receiver you have and which channels you choose to watch.

The annual license letter was sent on April 27th.


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