NRK: The phenomenon of “ghost restaurants” on Foodora is widespread in Norway

FoodoraPhoto: Terje Bendiksby / NTB

Multiple restaurants on the Foodora app do not exist in reality. In Tønsberg, there are four so-called ghost restaurants registered at the same address.

In an NRK investigation into the phenomenon, it was revealed that Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim, Stavanger, Drammen, and Fredrikstad have such restaurants.

Upon delivery, the food from all the restaurants is almost identical. The food does not come from different places, but one single kitchen.

The idea behind the new concept is that Norwegian restaurants are trying to capture more customers.

Sometimes the name and menu come from Foodora, other times from the restaurant itself. Some told NRK that they have a significantly larger turnover since they tried the new sales method.


Law professor Monica Viken from BI believes that ghost restaurants create confusion and that it can be problematic if the practice spreads, even if she does not see a clear violation of the Marketing Act.

“I am worried that we will get a form of dilution of the brands. That consumers will never be completely sure of what they really get,” she said.

Foodora believes it is wrong to call the restaurants “ghost restaurants” and believes the offer is positive because it allows restaurants to maximize kitchen capacity and fill gaps in the offer.

“Brands only live as long as the quality and reputation related to them hold up,” Foodora’s Norwegian manager Carl Randers told NRK.

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