NSB: – Everything will continue as normal from Tuesday

Oslo Central StationOslo Central Station.Photo: Terje Bendiksby / NTB scanpix

NSB reports that the trains will resume as normal on Tuesday morning, after nearly five-week finally the train strike ended at the weekend.

– There is no sign stopping us to stat the train program as usual that the trains will be running normally from 3 o’clock on Monday night, communication manager at NSB, Åge-Christoffer Lundeby, said to news agency NTB.

Although the strike ended on Sunday trains would not started running normally until Tuesday morning. NSB needed all day Monday to plan and arrange both train and personnel in the right place before the train traffic resumed Tuesday.

Unused travel cards and tickets for the affected passengers will be refunded by NSB, wrote the newspaper Aftenposten.

– Lundeby said: We will refund unused tickets during the strike and customers can contact us if they have a valid claim.

Those who have used the ticket partly, by that they ran into a commuter parking lot and took the bus further into town, will not get a refund for the days the ticket was used.

– Claims for refund if the ticket still is used, will be fraud, says Lundeby.

In recent weeks, nearly 300 trains have been canceled every day because of the strike. Tens of thousands of rail commuters affected in eastern Norway.

Local trains in eastern Norway and all trains on Østfoldbanen would first run as normal from Tuesday morning at 03:00.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today