Nuclear subs visits Norway 3x more often

Nuclear Sub HMS VictoriousRoyal Navy submarine HMS Victorious departs HMNB Clyde under the Scottish summer sunshine to conduct continuation training. The Royal Navy has operated the UK’s Continuous at Sea Deterrent since 1967 when the first SSBN – or Ship Submersible Ballistic Nuclear – HMS Resolution began patrolling armed with the Polaris missile system. Photo: LA(Phot) Will Haigh/MOD, OGL,

Nuclear subs visit Norwegian ports 3x more often

The number of nuclear-powered submarines that have visited Norwegian ports has almost tripled, according to the Directorate for Radiation Protection and Nuclear Preparedness (DSA). The Nuclear subs are from France, the UK and the US

This is evident from a report from a board meeting in October that Aftenposten has gained access to.

“In general, we can say that from 10-15 calls a year a few years ago, Norway now receives around 30-40 calls a year by French, British and American nuclear-powered submarines,” Department Director in DSA, Per Strand informs.

Press officer in the Norwegian Armed Forces, Brynjar Stordal, confirms that the activity has increased.

“In 2018, 27 nuclear-powered vessels from allies made ports of call to Norway. Since 2009, there has been a tripling of nuclear-powered vessels which actually made such calls,” he confirms.

The increased activity has created tensions between the great military powers. When the Russian nuclear submarine “Yuri Dolgorukiy” sailed out the Kola Fjord in the autumn, the alarm was sounded both by Norway and the United States of America. The submarine carries 16 intercontinental ballistic missiles that are capable of, for example,  wiping out all the largest cities on the east coast of the United States.

Norway does officially not allow nuclear warheads in its territorial waters, but it is an open secret that the US ignores this ban.

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