Number of new corona cases in Oslo continues to fall

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A total of 33 new coronavirus cases have been registered in the last 24 hours in Oslo.

For the third day in a row, the number of infected people is falling.

According to statistics from the health service in Oslo municipality, the total number of infection cases in the Norwegian capital amounts to 619 in the last fourteen days.

Most infections occurred among men.

The age group 20-29 has the highest number of registered cases, with 233 recorded cases.

Stricter measures

St. Hanshaugen and Stovner are the two districts with the most infection cases – 143.8 and 138.1 infected per 100,000 inhabitants, respectively.

The infection rate is lowest in Vestre Aker and Ullern, where the infection rate is 23.9 and 31.8, respectively.

Last Tuesday, the municipality introduced stricter rules, banning gatherings with more than ten people in private homes and encouraging all restaurants to register guests as an anti-infection measure.

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