Number of traditional Christmas dinner party reservations in Norway plunges

Julebord - christmass dinner partyPhoto: Gorm Kallestad / NTB

The Norwegian restaurant industry is facing a Christmas dinner party season with fewer reservations than usual. The employers’ organization NHO Reiseliv has therefore launched a Christmas dinner guide.

“For many restaurants, the next few weeks are critical. The earnings they receive during this period can turn their entire annual results from minus to plus,” CEO of NHO Reiseliv Kristin Krohn Devold noted in a press release.

According to a recent survey conducted among 520 tourism companies, more than half of the restaurants had their number of Christmas dinner party reservations halved compared to last year. 

In the capital, 70% of tourism companies registered a 50% fall in reservations.

NHO Reiseliv has now launched two Christmas dinner party guides, which will make it safe for companies to arrange a Christmas dinner or lunch for their employees.

“With simple steps such as not sitting too many people at the same table and placing those who work together as usual on the same table, companies can carry out a pleasant and safe Christmas lunch or dinner for their employees,” Krohn Devold said.

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