Number of police assignments up 30% in nine years

Police at workPolice at work.Photo: Gorm Kallestad / NTB scanpix

Police operation centres registered a total of 809,893 cases in 2016, an increase of over 30% in nine years.


In 2007, the police had 604,115 cases, reported Politiforum.

Oslo police district, which was merged with Asker and Bærum in 2016, registered

over 130,000 cases last year. Nine years ago, the figure was below 100,000.

The same trend can be seen in the country’s other police district. In the southeastern police district, the number of registered cases increased from 111,603 in 2007, to

127,249 in 2016. In the eastern district, the volume increased from 71,480 to 106,002
during the same period.

Despite increasing numbers, it’s difficult to assess how the police’s cases, and types of assignments have changed during this period.

‘What may explain some of the increase is that our registration practices have changed. We log in more assignments than we did before. To conclude whether the police have had more to do, or if the public have an increased ‘police expectancy’, we need to look at several indicators,’ said Philip Tolloczko of the Police Directorate.


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