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The nursery at Bygdøy kongsgård has reopened

Bygdøy kongsgårdOslo. Minister of Local Government and Modernisation Monica Mæland (Conservative Party).Photo: Ryan Kelly / NTB scanpix

Municipal Minister Monica Mæland (H) was present when the horticultural area at Bygdøy Kongsgård (Royal Estate) in Oslo reopened to the public after four years of restoration.

The area has in recent years been transformed from overgrown and abandoned to an ecological gem for the public.

The service building at the Royal Estate now includes, among other things, a sling extractor room for honey production. The former gazebo (arbour) has been converted into a café. There are also orchards and greenhouses on site. The Norwegian Folk Museum will in the future convey the place’s natural and cultural history and organic farming to the public.

The nursery at Bygdøy Kongsgård was established in connection with the construction of Oscarshall in the 1850s. The nursery was unused for a number of years before Statsbygg started work on facilitating progress in 2015.

© NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today
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