NVE: There is a significant danger of avalanches today in several places in Norway

Snowy mountainPhoto: Marit Hommedal / NTB

There is a significant risk of avalanches in Hallingdal, Heiane, Vest-Telemark, Jotunheimen, and Hardanger on Monday.

According to the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE)’s website, the five places are in category three. 

Category three means a significant risk of avalanches.

“The regions in Eastern Norway and Southern-Western Norway are in the most serious danger. Otherwise, there is quite a bit of snow around the country, and not much is happening,” Tommy Skårholen, on-duty manager for avalanche warnings at the NVE told news bureau NTB.

“People must avoid moving in steep terrain. They must be able to handle the avalanche problems and should have good avalanche experience to be in these areas,” he added.

Fresh snow increases the risk of avalanches

The NVE’s recommendation to everyone in Jotunheimen is to avoid terrain steeper than 30 degrees.

“Roaring and shooting cracks in the snow cover are clear danger signs that must be taken seriously,” the NVE noted on its website.

For Heiane, the strong wind and fresh snow increase the risk of avalanches. The same applies to West Telemark and Hardanger.

“Demanding conditions! Avoid steep terrain with fresh snow. There are persistently weak layers in the snow cover,” the NVE noted, pointing to Hallingdal.

Furthermore, three places are at moderate risk of avalanches: Indre Sogn, Voss, and Nordenskiöld Land on Svalbard.

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