Odda requesting NOK 1 million for excrement waste plan

Trolltunga.Photo: pixabay.com

Odda municipality and Trolltunga Active travel company have applied for NOK 1 million for Project Toilet. The previous plan received NOK 350,000, but went down the toilet.

It’s been an uncomfortably huge problem that so many visitors to the tourist attraction Trolltunga don’t have anywhere else than nature to relieve themselves during the 10 to 16 hour long hike.

The Environmental Directorate allocated NOK 350,000 for toilets in 2015, but according to Nationen the funds went instead to emergency shelters along the trail.

– Toilets are difficult. How can you have a toilet for a hundred thousand people for five hours in the mountains, that need to be washed three times a day? Then you would need a permanent cleaning person in the mountains, says CEO Jostein Soldal in Trolltunga Active.

Project Toilet envision a cooperation with for example Innovation Norway for a solution that can be used elsewhere where the volume of excrement waste can be a big problem, such as at festivals.

At the peak, there were 1,666 tourists who hiked to Trolltunga during one day last year.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today

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