Odin’s soldiers ordered to take off their uniforms

Odin soldiers ordered to drop uniformsDrammen.Soldiers of Odin.Photo: Heiko Junge / NTB scanpix

Late Saturday night the police in Tønsberg ordered  ten members of Odin’s soldiers in the city center  to take off their branded hooded sweatshirts .
The police in Vestfold informed about the order around 23 on Saturday,  Tønsberg Blad writes.
This is the second time in three weeks of days that the group have met with resistance from police. Two weeks ago, five people linked to the group were expelled from Kristiansand city because the police of the area claimed they were patrolling the city without permission. Several of them wore yellow vest, and the group were accompanied by dog.  When the police ordered them to leave the the center,they complied  Fædrelandsvennen wrote.
After a period in which, there has been little activity connected to Odin’s soldiers in social media, the leader Steffen Larsen wrote from Tønsberg on 20 March that they would opened the group pages of the county groups once more and accept new members. As of now. Odin’s soldiers in Vestfold has  41 members.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today