OECD: Norway must do more to prevent the drop out of youth

youthYouth:Photo pixabay.com

Two out of three young people who are neither in a job or at school, do nothing to get out of their situation. OECD believes authorities need to do more to help.


If you first fall out, it appears to be harder to get back in, in Norway, than in other OECD countries, the report was presented to Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, Anniken Hauglie (H), and Jan Tore Sanner (H) Minister of Knowledge and Integration, on Thursday.

86,000 Norwegian youth aged 15-29 were not in school, work or in training programs from the latest figures, which are from 2016. That is, one in ten young adults fall outside.

The OECD is worried since the proportion has increased by 2 percent since 2008 and believes that the Norwegian authorities should consider several measures:

* Closer cooperation between vocational education and the labor market. Combine education and apprenticeships from day one.

* More options for completing vocational subjects to prevent the education from becoming academically oriented. Schooling for the academically weak should be given better opportunities.

* Better gateway function for social security benefits such as disability. Clearer Guidelines for Nav and their doctors.

* More resources to support young social assistance recipients with mental health challenges with little work experience.

* Assess how effective the labor market measures work for young job seekers.

* Extend the use of training programs for jobseekers to include vocational training for people with low skills, as well as Norwegian education for immigrants.


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