Oil workers’ strike escalates, four oil fields in Norway to close

Johan Sverdrup platformPhoto: Carina Johansen / NTB

There was no progress in the negotiations between the parties in the oil strike on Sunday night. 

The strike is thus escalating, and four Equinor fields are closing.

From midnight, another 126 members of the workers’ organization Lederne went on strike, joining the previous 43 members who have already gone on strike on the Johan Sverdrup platform.

Several new platforms will be affected by the escalation on Monday. 

Equinor will close the Gudrun, Gina Krog, and Kvitebjørn fields. 

The Valemon field is connected to Kvitebjørn, and must therefore also be closed, Equinor stated.

Additionally, production on the Gjøa field, operated by Neptune Energy, will be affected by the strike from Monday, according to Lederne.

Production on the Johan Sverdrup platform will be maintained until further notice.

No progress

E24 reported that there was no progress in the negotiations on Sunday.

“No, there wasn’t any,” information manager Kolbjørn Andreassen in the employers’ organization Norwegian Oil and Gas (Norsk olje og gass) told the website on Sunday night.

Union leader Audun Ingvartsen in Lederne said there was “little to no dialogue.”

“The employer side still shows no willingness to meet our demands, and therefore the escalation is a fact,” Ingvartsen noted in a press release on Monday night.

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