Oilfields shut down after frigate accident

Kollsnes OilfieldsThe processing plant at Kollsnes. Photo: Øyvind Sætre/Gassco

Oilfields & Kollsnes shut down after frigate accident

Due to Equinor’s shutdown of the Sture-terminal terminal, natural gas (LPG) transport to Europe is affected. Several oilfields and the Kollsnes processing plant nearby, are affected. The affected rigs and plants are currently on their way back online.


Equinor states that, as an operational consequence of the closure of the Sture-terminal, the Kollsnes plant is also out of the equation.

The affected oilfields are producing values to the worth of NOK 500 million every day.

It is the online financial magazine, E24, which first notified of the effects on LPG transport to Europe.

– The Western process pipe at Sture is closed, and it was, therefore, decided to close Kollsnes as well. We are experiencing a reduction in gas exports, says Communications Director in Gassco, Randi Viksund, to the Industrial news site, Sysla.

As long as the Kollsnes plant is closed, they can not transport gas to European consumers.

The reduction is of 74 million standard cubic metres of LPG daily.

– We are working to minimize the consequences and use the flexible network we have to bring natural gas to the market. We can route the gas to optimize supply and have a certain storage capacity, Viksund informs Sysla.

The Oseberg & Grane fields closed down

In addition to Sture and Kollsnes, the oil fields Oseberg and Grane are closed.

– Oseberg and Grane are closed down as a consequence of the fact that we chose to shut down Sture, according to press contact in Equinor, Elin Isaksen. According to the financial newspaper, Dagens Næringsliv (DN) is Troll A also closed down.

Isaksen further states that they do not have other information available at this time.

Edvard Grieg & Ivar Aasen closed

Lundin’s Edvard Grieg is closed down too, Communications Manager, Frøydis Eldevik, confirms to Sysla.

– Edvard Grieg is shut down, and as a result, Aker BP’s Ivar Aasen field is closed, as it produces over Edvard Grieg, Eldevik elaborates.

The natural gas from the Ivar Aasen platform runs through the Edvard Grieg field en route onshore.

Tanker in perfect technical condition according to Tsaksos

The Greek shipping company Tsakos Energy Navigation, who owns the tanker Sola TS, tells Adresseavisen that there is nothing wrong with the ship, technically. They also indicate that the ship has a pilot on board and that none of the crew was asleep.

– All lights works. The same goes for all other technical installations, the press spokesperson in the shipping company Tsakos, Patrick Adamson, adds to Adresseavisen.

The 250 metres long and 44 metres wide oil tanker of the Aframax class, is registered in Malta but is owned by the Greek company. It was built in 2017.

According to Sysla, the tanker was under tow out of the Hjelte Fjord via the northern route from the Sture-terminal when the collision with the frigate occurred at 4.26 am in the night before Thursday.


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