‘Oktoberbarna’ are entitled to new treatment

Sylvi ListhaugMinister of Justice, Public Security and Immigration Sylvi Listhaug.Photo: government.no

Afghan young people who came to Norway in the autumn of 2015, and were temporarily given asylum until their 18th birthday, will have 90 days to request new asylum treatments.


In the new ruling, it should be appropriate for the best interests of the child when temporary asylum is assigned.

‘The ministry has followed up the parliamentary resolution, largely in line with the letter sent to parliamentary leaders on December 11, 2017. We have adopted supplementary guidelines for the assessment of whether minor asylum seekers over 16 years of age will have a limited period of stay until they reach the age of 18’ , said Justice, Emergency and Immigration Minister ,Sylvi Listhaug of Fremskrittsparti (Frp) in a press release.

The parliamentary majority decided in November that immigration authorities should put more emphasis on whether the youth are vulnerable, and have caregivers or networks where they are sent.

According to the regulatory change, the decision must state what assessments are made of the child’s situation, including how consideration of the best interests of the child is assessed.

‘In any case, the immigration authorities must, as before, make a concrete overall assessment of each case,’ said the minister.

The ministry has also decided that individuals are entitled to a new treatment of their case. This applies to asylum seekers referred to internally in a decision taken after the 1st of October 2016, and who were under 18 when the original decision was taken.

Those concerned must request the Immigration Directorate to re-process their cases within 90 days after the provision comes into force on the 1st of February. They willreceive free legal counselling, but those already abroad must wait until their cases are processed, and they may return to Norway.


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