One can hug their closest family members

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The Institute of Public Health still recommends limiting who you hugs and should you, only be the closest family members.

“As low as the infection rate is now, I think it’s okay to give a hug to close friends,” said senior doctor Are Stuwitz Berg in FHI to VG.

At the same time, FHI states to NTB that they do not recommend hugging everyone – nor all your friends.

– “Are Stuwitz Berg did not say or mean that it is opened for hugging everyone. He has said that you can hug your closest, as we have already stated for some time,” writes FHI’s media watch in an email to NTB.

Stuwitz Berg emphasizes to VG that the danger of infection increases the more friends you hug, and he recommends that you do not introduce many new ones into the hugging group.

To NTB, FHI emphasizes the importance of maintaining common measures by staying home when ill, practicing good hand hygiene and staying one meter away.

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