Only one in four use reflectors

reflectorsPedestrian safety: Photo: Flickr

Only one in four people say that they always use reflectors when it is dark. At the same time, nearly 80 percent of motorists have stated that they have been in dangerous situations due to pedestrians not using reflectors.

Autumn is upon us in full, and it is both darker longer throughout the morning and earlier in the evening.

The use of reflectors in the autumn darkness can save lives – and it’s not just a cliché.

Without reflectors a car that is going as slow as 50 km / h has only two seconds to react. However, if you use reflectors, the motorist has ten seconds of reaction time.

Small margins

– In practice it is almost nothing. It’s very small margins and many drivers and passengers have experienced having their heart in their mouths in such situations, says Ann-Kathrin Årøen, Communications Director of Road Safety, to news agency NTB.

A new survey conducted by Kantar TNS for Road Safety found that only 26 percent of respondents alway use reflectors when they walk in the dark, while many more are very careful when it comes to children using reflectors.

As many as 89 per cent say that they often or always make sure that their children are wearing reflectors.

– Adults are reluctant to use a reflector. If you ask they say they do, but in practice many do not, says Årøen.

Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today


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  1. donald r coleman | 20. November 2018 at 03:12 |

    I have a few of the round reflectors from when I lived in Norway but can find them in the US. Can you give me a web site in Norway that I can order some. Thank you

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