One in four vehicles were banned for use in Norway during a random control at the Swedish border

SvinesundSvinesund.Photo: Johnny Larsen / NTB scanpix

29 people were notified and 315 vehicles were banned after vehicle checks at border crossings in Østfold and Hedmark, this past Thursday and Friday.


The Norwegian Public Roads Administration were checking vehicles at the border checkpoints in Svinesund and Ørje in Østfold and Østby and Magnor in Hedmark.

In Østfold, 582 vehicles were checked. Among these, 208 were marked as banned for use and six were reported to the police. Among 592 vehicles that were checked in Hedmark, 107 were marked as banned for use and 23 people were reported to police.

In total, 27 percent of the vehicles crossing into Norway were banned from use.

In a press release, Vegvesenet writes that there are many reasons for the ban of use, but that breaches of driving and rest periods, bad cargo and bad brakes are common in the statistics. In case of ban notifications, the defects must be corrected before the cars are allowed to be used.

Vegvesenet writes that they are impressed with how the tires have improved on both foreign and Norwegian heavy transportation vehicles in recent years.

“Especially pleasing is a positive development for foreign vehicles that have now better protected for Norwegian conditions than before.”, Writes Vegvesenet.


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