One in five shares data from Smittestopp

appFHI new app «Smittestopp»: Heiko Junge / NTB scanpix

Every fifth person shares Smittestopp data with the Public Health Institute (FHI), new figures show.

The Smittestopp app has had 899,142 active users in the last week, according to a review of the number of mobile phones that send data to the Norwegian Institute of Public Health. This means that one in five people (20.5 per cent) over the age of 16 shares the app’s data with FHI.

The municipalities of Bykle (58 per cent) and Sirdal (47 per cent) are at the top of the proportion of users who send data from the app.

Smittestopp has been downloaded around 1.5 million times, but this figure covers all those who have downloaded, deleted, and possibly downloaded again.

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