One in four Norwegians wants to ban electric scooters

Photo: Annika Byrde / NTB

23% of Norwegians believe that a ban should be introduced on all use of electric scooters in Norway, according to a recent survey conducted by Tryg Forsikring and Trygg Trafikk.

Surprisingly many oppose electric scooters, communications consultant Torbjørn Brandeggen in Tryg Forsikring stated in a press release.

In the survey, which YouGov conducted just before Easter, there are several startling figures. In the age group 18 to 29, as many as 17% want a ban. The highest proportion is found in the group 40 to 49 years, with 27%.

“The fact that many people want a ban is still understandable. There has been a persistent level of disagreement around the use of electric scooters all the time, and the number of accidents has been high. Hundreds of users have been injured in accidents, and we have had fatal accidents,” Brandeggen said.

In January, it became known that the government would tighten the rules for electric scooters during the spring. The tightening of rules includes, among other things, a blood alcohol limit of 0.2, an age limit of 12 years, and a helmet requirement for children under 15 years of age.

Source: © NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today / #NorwayTodayNews

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2 Comments on "One in four Norwegians wants to ban electric scooters"

  1. While we’re at it, how about banning the people with the too-loud loudspeakers pushing whatever cause out in front of the train station??

    They are Disturbing the Peace and invading my/our privacy in a place we are a captive – not voluntary – when waiting for the bus audience.

    By contrast, noone is at all *compelled* to read my or anyone else’s comments under Norway Today or anywhere else on the Net.

    • Cynthia Hartviksen | 17. May 2022 at 18:52 | Reply

      I read your message, Lou. 🙂
      My opinion: The solution is education, not regulation.

      Regulation never works, those just restrict every person’s freedom and opportunities.

      Teach people, what is good, what is bad. And let them decide, which way they want to go. The outcome is always happiness.

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