One in four thinks the opening of Norway is going too fast

Bogstadveien in Oslo : Terje Pedersen / NTB scanpix

One in four thinks the government’s reopening of Norway after the Coronavirus outbreak is happening too fast. A majority of 64 percent find the tempo right.

People’s views are expressed in a survey for Norwegian Coronavirus monitor that was conducted by Opinion after the government’s press conference on Thursday for the reopening of Norway.

Of those surveyed, 25 percent believe the reopening of the community after the Coronavirus outbreak is happening too fast, 64 believe the pace is right, while 12 percent believe it is too slow.

“It is mostly the younger people under 30 who are worried that the opening is going too fast,” says senior adviser Ola Gaute Aas Askheim in Opinion.

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2 Comments on "One in four thinks the opening of Norway is going too fast"

  1. The younger people are probably worried about bringing the virus to (and killing) their elders, and they show good sense.

    Even Norway’s economy cannot take continuing lockdown/self-isolation too much longer, so until there is a vaccine – and we are playing for time for that as surely as the Knight was playing the Black Death for time in The Seventh Seal – we must take every precaution possible.
    Those include:
    – Sanitation: Hand and face washing, clothes washing, etc.
    – Everyone facemasking (and even goggling): Especially in public transportation and meetings
    – Social distancing: As much as possible, although especially on public transportation at rush hour, that is virtually impossible, and the airborne virus has a much greater range (even of droplets) than just 1.5 metres.
    – VENTILATION: Which seems to be overlooked. But now with the warmer weather windows and even doors should be open as much as possible to circulate air in and out, to reduce the “viral load”/density, especially in offices and classrooms.

    Good luck, everyone.

    … from a *guy* who is 73, maybe a *little* overweight, has a heart (officially in “good”) condition, and a lifetime of chronic bronchitis/bronchial pneumonia. :-/ 🙂

  2. Unfortunately, Norwegians dont follow much social distancing, especially in supermarkets and public places

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