One in ten gets side effects from cosmetics

Perfume departmentOSLO 20150730. Perfume at Kicks, Sten og Strøm Foto: Berit Roald / NTB scanpix
An increasing number of people  report side effects from their use of cosmetics, according to figures from the NIPH. One in ten  gets side effects after using cosmetics or body care products.
During  last year the institute`s adverse registry for cosmetic products received 216 messages, which is a doubling compared with the previous two years.
– The large increase is probably due to the new online reporting system and the enormous media attention we received when the system was launched, says Berit Granum, senior researcher at the Department of Food, Water and Health at the NIPH.
Although the reporting has improved,  the people who say they get any side effects from cosmetics are still a minority. According to the Public Health Institute one out of ten people is experiencing a side effect after using makeup or other body care products.
– Even if the symptoms disappear when you stop using the product, we want people to report to us about what they have experienced. If these side effects persist or are powerful, you should also contact your doctor, says Granum.
She points out that the Public Health uses the information they get, to work to make cosmetics safer.
Source: NTB scanpix/ Norway Today