One in three to go electric car for next car

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The proportion who are certain that they will go electric car for their next car has increased since 2017, but we are not in line with electric car policy according to NAF’s road user barometer.

The survey, which addresses the Norwegians’ attitudes and actions in
traffic, shows that 35% responded that they will choose an electric car
as their next vehicle. This is an increase from 28% two years ago NAF said in a press release.

Almost half of young people say that an electric car will be the next purchase.

Among those who have already gone from petrol and diesel cars, two out of three will continue with electric vehicle.

‘’Those who have taken the leap from petrol and diesel to electric cars
apparently do not find everyday life with electric cars difficult. And they have also noticed that there are many advantages to electric cars, especially when it comes to fuel costs’’ said senior communication adviser, Nils Sødal of NAF.

But there are still many sitting on the fence, uncertain whether they will go for an electric car at the next car purchase. The survey revealed that 40% are uncertain, which is as many as in 2017.

This may indicate that we are not aiming for reaching the electric car policy according to NAF. Sødal believes that the number of uncertain consumers indicates that the predictability of the tax benefits must be maintained.

“It is too early to remove the electric car benefits now if we are to achieve the goal of zero emission cars by 2025” he said.

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