One million households could lose TV 2 television channels

TV2TV2.Photo: Gorm Kallestad / Scanpix

TV 2 and Telenor are negotiating the price of the transmission of TV 2’s channels. Their agreement expires on Friday 1st of June.


If the parties do not agree,it may affect nearly one million households who have Canal Digital, wrote ‘Kampanje’ journal.

The site had accessed a message posted on TV 2’s intranet. There,TV 2’s chief editor and chief executive officer, Olav T. Sandnes, wrote that a conflict could be the outcome.

“We have been in talks with Telenor for a long time and are negotiating a new distribution agreement. Over 1 million households, and thus almost half of the audience in Norway could lose TV 2’s channels from the 1st of June if we do not reach agreement,’’ the report said.

The message was released on Tuesday morning and came as a result of TV 2 having ’long been in talks with Telenor’ without success.

“We will do everything in our power to find good solutions with Telenor by the deadline,” it said.


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