One person died in a car crash in Vestfold

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1 person died in a car crash, 4 people injured in front collision

One person died in a car crash in Vestfold

One man died after hitting a tree with his car at Köpmannskjær on Nøtterøy in Vestfold late Saturday night.


The police were notified of the accident just after 11 pm.

– One person is confirmed death. We are pretty sure that the person was alone in the car. The car seems to have hit a tree and then caught fire, says operations manager in South-East police, Øystein Eikedalen. He confirms that the car is a burnout.

The police is working on tactical and technical investigations on the scene. The Road Authorities accident group is contacted.

There is limited accessibility past the accident site.


Four people injured in front collision in Arendal

Four people are injured in a frontal collision at E18 at Longum in Arendal municipality. Two of them are listed as critically injured and two others with serious injuries.

The police were notified of the accident at 23.30.

– There has been a frontal collision between two cars in the 60 km zone, says leader in Agder police district, Kurt Ulve,n to Fædrelandsvennen.

There was one person in one of the cars and three in the other.

– Two persons are designated as critically injured. Two others are badly injured. These are the immediate reports from the site. The reports may change when patients arrive at the hospital, says Ulven.

– An eyewitness has told that a car with one person aboard crossed into the opposite lane. Subsequently this car hit a car carrying three people, the Operations Manager continues.

According to Agderposten, one of the four was jammed inside the vehicle before the rescue crew were able to get him out.

All of the injured are brought to Sørlandet Hospital in Arendal.

The police state that the E18 is closed – and that there is a detour through Dalen.


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