One of ten norwegians say yes to Acer

Electricity Price Outage PowerElectricity, Photo:

Only 8.8 percent of the Norwegians agree that Norway should join the Eu energy union Acer.


According to the online newspaper, Free Union says 52,3 percent of those asked no to that Norway should be a part of energy union, while 38,9 answer doesn’t know.


The poll carried out by Sentio on behalf of a private individual.


Several media have recently written that Norwegian electricity customers to the risk of higher electricity prices if the Uk is with the Acer.


The labour party gave earlier this week a conditional yes to the Norwegian adherence to the Acer. The labour party’s energy policy spokesman, Espen Barth Eide, think the fear of higher electricity prices is the main reason for the resistance against energy union.


– There has been a large mobilisation, as we only need to recognize, of people who have made a link between the electricity price and the accession to the Eu third. The link I believe does not exist. Cables should we decide over here in Norway, as before.

Therefore, we must explain that it does not hang so together. It is a big job we have ahead of us that we should take seriously. It is a job that is barely started, ” says Espen Barth Eide to the Free Union.


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