Okay to send alcohol with the children to a party

alcohol testingWine. Photo: Norway Today Media

One in ten think it’s okay to send alcohol with the children to a party

11 percent say it is okay for young people under 18 to bring alcohol from home when they are going to a party, a survey shows. The Public Health Institute is concerned.


The survey has been conducted by Ipsos for the campaign organization “AV.OG.TIL”(Once in a while), reports the NRK.

Researcher Hilde Elisabeth Pape at the Institute of Public Health points out that young people who bring alcohol from home drink more.

“There is a lot of research that, in a fairly clear direction, points to sending alcohol with minors at a party, increasing consumption,” says Pape.

Unfortunate signal

She also believes that the parents by giving the children alcohol send unfortunate signals.

“It’s hardly a particularly smart move. The easier the alcohol is available, there is more possibility that they become drunk.

 When parents give children alcohol, they send clear signals that drinking alcohol is acceptable, despite the fact that they are minors, says Pape.


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