Only one out of three thinks the food is too expensive, according to survey

Only one in three think the food is too expensive, according to surveyFood. Photo:

54 percent of Norwegian consumers believe food prices are just right. 9 percent believe prices are too low, while 35 percent believe they are too expensive.

People from Western Norway are most satisfied with the current price level. As many as 61 percent of the respondens from that part of the country said that the food prices are just right in a survey by Sentio Research commissioned by  the newspaper Nationen.
Randi Lavik at the National Institute for Consumer Research (SIFO) have researched prices and competition for many years. Her impression is that when people mostly the think prices are just right, it has to do with what people expect the level of prices to be.
– Especially when we are entering into the holidays, like at this Easter, there is substantial price competition on certain products. The fact that there is a focus on the low prices may make people think the prices are low, she says.
Price developments in food is far below the general price trend.
–  The total index has since 1998 risen by 39.8 per cent. Food prices, however, have only risen by 32.7 percent over the same period,  Lavik says, referring to figures from Statistics Norway.
Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today