One year has passed since the arrest of Norwegian billionaire Tom Hagen: Here’s what we know

Tom HagenPhoto: Cornelius Poppe / NTB

One year after billionaire Tom Hagen was arrested and charged with killing or aiding and abetting the murder of his wife Anne-Elisabeth Hagen, the police believe the investigation is closer to the goal.

On Wednesday, exactly one year passed since the investigation of what started as a kidnapping case took a dramatic turn.

One and a half years after the disappearance, the police turned their suspicion against the missing woman’s husband – and arrested Tom Hagen on April 28 last year.

After 11 days in custody, Hagen was released. The Court of Appeal concluded differently from Nedre Romerike’s District Court, and did not uphold the police’s argument that there was good reason to suspect the 70-year-old of murder or complicity in the murder of the spouse.

However, the charge has not been dropped by the police, who still believe he can be suspected. Hagen’s defender, lawyer Svein Holden, has stated that they have confidence that the police will sooner or later drop Hagen from the case.

“The case is continuously informed through a large number of extensive and time-consuming investigative steps. The police are of the opinion that the ongoing investigation is constantly bringing us closer to the goal of finding answers to what has happened to Anne-Elisabeth Hagen, and who can be held responsible for her disappearance,” prosecutor Gjermund Hanssen told news bureau NTB.

Still charged

“Tom Hagen is still charged with murder or complicity in murder. Beyond that, we do not want to comment on the basis of suspicion continuously in the media,” Hanssen continued.

Two and a half years after Anne-Elisabeth Hagen disappeared from her home in Sloraveien in Lørenskog, the police are still investigating the case with many resources.

A number of police investigators are working to check out all the tips and look for new angles at the strange case, where the 68-year-old woman disappeared on the morning of October 31, 2018.

A demand to pay almost NOK 100 million in cryptocurrency, mediated by a threatening letter left inside the house, is among the most important clues in the case.

Will not say more

Tom Hagen has given one interview to Norwegian Broadcasting (NRK) after she disappeared but will not give more, his lawyer Svein Holden told NTB.

“He does not want to be interviewed by the media,” Holden said.

Hagen himself has explained that the accusation and arrest came as a shock and that it was traumatic. After he was released, he did not want to be questioned.

“The police respect the accused’s choice not to explain themselves further in the case,” the police said.

In Norway, murder has no statute of limitations, so Hagen can remain charged with murder for the rest of his life if the police do not end the investigation.

According to the human rights convention, Hagen will be considered innocent until proven guilty. However, after one year, the police still believe that they have good reason to suspect him of murder or complicity in murder.

Last summer, the Nedre Romerike District Court once again agreed with the police’s opinion when it upheld the investigators’ desire to seize Hagen’s house. Hagen did not appeal the decision.

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