Only one in five Norwegians is afraid of getting corona, new survey shows

Photo: Erik Johansen / NTB

Most Norwegians think the coronavirus is here to stay, but only one in five is now afraid of becoming infected, according to a new survey.

While 19% of respondents in August state that they are worried about being infected, 62% are not worried, according to the Norwegian Corona Monitor survey.

“Most people are no longer worried about getting infected. Many people have probably gotten used to living with the coronavirus in society,” senior adviser Nora Clausen at Opinion, which carried out the survey, stated.

Many people believe the outbreak will last more than two years

10% of those questioned believe the corona outbreak in Norway will last up to another six months, while 22% think it will last up to one year. 26% think that the outbreak will last up to two years. As many as 43% believe it will last longer than that.

“The proportion of those who believe that we will still have coronavirus in the country for at least two more years has never been higher,” Clausen added.

More people participate in cultural events

39% of respondents believe that the number of new corona cases in the country will increase. 23% expect a reduction, while the rest believe that the number will remain unchanged.

In the survey for August, almost half the population (45%) said that they have physically attended one or more cultural events, such as a concert or theatre play, in the last month. 

This is the highest level measured in the pandemic. 48% said they plan to attend cultural events in the coming month.

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