Opening of new duty-free shop

Oslo AirportOslo Airport (Photo: TRN)

When the new duty-free shop for arriving passengers is opened at Oslo Airport in early September, they will experience a more spacious and inviting shop.

“The new duty-free shop is designed to make Norwegians proud of returning to their home country. The shop will offer a unique shopping experience”, says CEO at Travel Retail Norway, Håkon Fjeld-Hansen.

More space for a pleasant shopping experience

In April 2017, the new Oslo Airport will be fully operational. The new airport areas will in the meantime be opened one at a time. The new duty-free shop for arriving passengers opens its doors in early September, with twice as much space as the present one.

“It will be a spacious shop with an even larger selection of products, and we will make sure that arriving international passengers have a pleasant shopping experience. We have built this shop according to Norwegian traditions and have listened to the feedback on the existing shop. The extra space means that we now can make some long-awaited changes. Our customers will experience a pleasant atmosphere”, says Fjeld Hansen.

A contribution to airport service in Norway

Executive Vice President of Communications and Marketing at Avinor, Egil Thompson, is looking forward to the opening and expects that the new duty-free will be a hit with the arriving passengers.

“The new shop on arrival is a large and ambitious project from TRN, and it will be an important contribution to the commercial development of the new Oslo Airport. However, when designing the shop we have also taken into account that not all passengers want to shop. Wide passageways will make it easy to walk through the shopping areas for those who want to”, he says.

“Commercial revenues help strengthen Oslo Airport’s position as an attractive international airport and will benefit the entire Norwegian airport network. We will make it attractive for Norwegians to shop in Norway instead of abroad. This is good for all passengers throughout the country”, concludes Thompson.

More products in more space

“A larger shop will also accommodate a larger selection of products. More international brands and local products will find their way to our shelves. We are working hard to find products and brands we think our customers might appreciate. In particular, we see a demand for a broader selection of local and ecological products”, says Fjeld-Hansen.

The shop has been designed in line with the rest of the airport, which is a blend of Norwegian and international architecture. In addition, there will be a new checkout system with 43 cash registers compared to the current 28. There will also be investment in new digital solutions for an up-to-date shopping experience.

“We will offer a larger and better selection, one we hope the passengers will appreciate. A considerable growth in revenues from our Norwegian and foreign passengers is expected”, says Fjeld-Hansen.

The arrival shop will open in early September, while the new duty-free shop for departing passengers is set to open on 1 December this year.


Source: Avinor / Norway Today