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Opposition to the EEA Agreement measured in a new poll

Kathrine KlevelandNo to EU leader Kathrine Kleveland.Photo: Håkon Mosvold Larsen / NTB scanpix


The conclusion of the EEA agreement is on its way according to a new survey.At the same time, resistance to the EU is less strong.


The findings were shown in a new survey Sentio has done on behalf of Klassekampen and Nationen newspapers.

60.2% of respondents say they would have voted ‘yes’ if there was a referendum on ending the EEA agreement tomorrow.It is the highest score for conclusion of the EEA that Sentio has measured for the two newspapers ever.

21.5% responded at the same time that they would have voted ‘no’, while 18.3% did not know what they would have voted.

According to the survey, Norwegians have also become more European. 64.3% responded that they would have voted ‘no’ to the EU if a referendum was held tomorrow, while 25.5% would have answered ‘yes’. It is the most EU-friendly measure Sentio received for the Klassekampen and Nationen survey since April 2011.

“It is solid opposition to EU membership,but we can not be satisfied that the proportion of opponents is not decreasing.

Four years ago, 74% were against EU membership.It shows that we must be in standby and maintain a critical knowledge of the EU” said ‘No to EU’ leader, Kathrine Kleveland to Klassekampen.

A representative sample of 949 persons over 18 years old took the survey.


© NTB scanpix / #Norway Today


1 Comment on "Opposition to the EEA Agreement measured in a new poll"

  1. Please Norway, vote yourself out of the EEA as soon as possible. I am Still amazed that this small country with 5 million fishermen, stuck to the idea that it belongs or sonehow important to Europe.

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