Orange Flood Warnings for Eastern Norway

Flood: Heiko Junge / NTB scanpix

Varsom, Norway’s weather warning system operated under the Norwegian Water Resources & Energy Directorate (NVE) has issued an extreme flood warning for large portions of Eastern Norway.


Heavy snow-melt and warm Spring rainfalls may cause flooding conditions within large sections of Eastern Norway over the next few days, with flood warning levels upgraded to Orange: Level 3 (of the 4 possible levels).

Paramedic Spokesman Per Alve Glad said of the potential flood conditions facing parts of Eastern Norway: “Spring flooding is happening. It’s expected that temps will remain high.There’s also a forecast for rainfall in Eastern Norway on Thursday & Friday, but the amount and location of precipitation is uncertain.”

Large snow-melts cause huge water flows within river channels, and the Trysilelva River (an extension of the River Klaravan from Sweden), The Glomma River (the longest and largest river in Norway) and the Drammen River in Buskerud county have been highlighted as river waterways that may be most prone to flooding.

Due to heavy snow melting recently, there’s now Yellow Level flooding in Trysileva. Orange Level waters are expected today, but is not expected to reach 2014 levels.

At Elverum, Glomma is now flooding at Yellow Level due to heavy snow melt, with expected rise towards weekend. With today’s forecast, flood peak is expected Friday & Saturday at Orange Level. The forecast for Glomma encompasses Glommens and Laagens Brukseierforening (GLB).

Warm weather has caused heavy snow-melt at the Drammen waterfall over the past few days, with Yellow Level flood watch in effect. Thursday & Friday can expect some rain, and combined with warm temperatures, will bring flood warnings to Orange Level.

The water levels in the lowlands of the Drammensvassdraget are expected to reach 2013 floodwater levels.

All flood warnings are dependent upon air temperatures and rain precipitation over the next few days.

Varsom warns to keep away from rivers & streams with high water flows, and to also remember that any river or stream that you cross-over may be deeper upon return.

Varsom’s Orange : Level 3 Flood Warning indicates extensive possible flooding, erosion damage and flood damage in exposed places and is a potentially severe flooding scenario that is only seen every 5 years or so.

The anticipated possible flooding may bring consequences; with possible closed roads & bridges, erosion damage and flood damage in flood-prone areas expected.

The Varsom Flood Warnings are valid starting Today, May 9th, @ 07.00 hours.


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