An Orangutang is born at the Animal Park in Kristiansand

OrangutanOrangutan born in Kristiansand Dyrepark.Photo: Ole Martin Buene / Kristiansand Dyrepark / NTB scanpix

For the second time an orangutan is born at Dyreparken in Kristiansand. The baby is most welcomed since they are listed a critically endangered animal species.


The parents of the little one are 32 years old Nony and 21-year-old father Matu. The two have from before six years old Louie, and the newborn is also a male.

A number of guests in the park witnessed the birth on Saturday, and when Dyrepark’s biologist Helene Axelsen came to visit this afternoon, Nony proudly came to the window to show the newborn, according to a press release from the Animal Park.

There are still fewer borneo orangutans in the world because the rainforest is being chopped down. Therefore, the birth in Kristiansand is a welcome contribution to the stock.

-“A birth like this is very welcome for the international conservation program that we are part of,” confirms Axelsen.


© NTB Scanpix / Norway Today