Oslo ambulance hijacker charged with seven attempted murders

Hijacked ambulancePhoto: Håkon Mosvold Larsen / NTB

The 33-year-old man who hijacked an ambulance in Oslo in October last year is charged with the attempted murder of seven people while trying to escape from the police.

On October 22 last year, the man hijacked an ambulance by pointing a shotgun at two ambulance workers at Rosenhoff in Oslo. 

Police followed the ambulance and fired several shots during the pursuit. 

The chase went through the streets of Torshov before the ambulance finally crashed into the gate of an apartment building in Krebs’ street, and the man was arrested.

Along the way, the ambulance drove toward a pram outside Sandaker Senter with was seven-month-old twins inside. 

The mother of the twins and an elderly couple had to jump away to not be hit. None of them were seriously injured.

Soon after, the driver tried to run over two men.

Threatening police officers

The man is also accused of threatening two police officers and a civilian with a shotgun after the car he was in shortly before he hijacked the ambulance ended up on its roof in an accident at Torshovdalen.

Everything allegedly happened while the man was under the influence of drugs.

The man is also accused of having 235 diazepam tablets, 33 clonazepam tablets, small amounts of amphetamine and heroin, and other substances during the incident on October 22.

The indictment also includes an incident from August 31, 2019. 

At that time, the man is said to have driven through Oslo while under the influence of drugs. 

The man had a loaded, sawn-off shotgun in the car. The police also seized large amounts of diazepam, a bulletproof vest, a container with tear gas, a fighting glove, handcuffs, an ax, and a baton from the man.

In total, there are 24 counts in the indictment. 

Not questioned since October last year

The 33-year-old has been in custody since he was arrested due to the risk of recidivism.

The man’s lawyer Øyvind Bergøy ​​Pedersen told news bureau NTB that the police have not questioned his client apart from a short, preliminary questioning that was carried out on the day he was arrested.

“The reason why he has not been questioned is that we have wanted to wait for the indictment,” Pedersen said.

Remorseful in court

During his prison meeting on November 4, the man said he was drug-free after receiving treatment in prison.

The man applied for release from custody on September 29, but the district court believes there is a significant risk of recidivism if he is released.

On Tuesday this week, the man was imprisoned for four more weeks until January 19. 

The court believes the main hearing in the case will be held in early 2021.

The man has previously been convicted a number of times for dealing in drugs and weapons.

He has also been convicted of aggravated robbery and was on probation when the ambulance was hijacked.

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