Oslo and Finnmark top the violence charts

children violence alarms three-year-oldViolence against children. Illustration Photo: Pixabay.com

The Institute of Public Health (Folkehelseinstituttet) has for the first time reported incidents of violence in its statistics bank. Fet and Porsanger have the most incidents per 1,000 inhabitants.

In the statistics base, the numbers can be broken down at both county and municipal level.

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On average for the whole country, there were 6.9 reported incidents of violence per 1,000 inhabitants per year in the period 2017–2018. The highest number of incidents of violence was in Oslo (11 per 1,000 inhabitants), Finnmark (9.6), Telemark (8.2) and Vest-Agder (8.1).

Included in the statistics are almost all types of incidents of violence and abuse, from verbal threats to serious physically violent crimes. However, the statistics do not include sexual abuse.

The lowest incidence of violence reports is found in Sogn and Fjordane and Oppland (4.5 per 1,000 inhabitants), Møre og Romsdal (5.2 per 1,000) and Trøndelag (5.4).

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