Oslo could receive emission-free taxis by 2023

TaxiTaxi.Photo: Torstein Bøe / NTB scanpix

The city council in Oslo wants taxis in the capital to be emissions-free.The zero-emission requirement is to be introduced by the end of the year 2022/23 after a transitional period.


“Requirements for zero emissions are an important contribution in the municipality’s efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions,and will also contribute to improved air quality and less noise, especially for residents in the inner city” it stated in the proposal.

“This will be noticed by people in Oslo as a positive contribution to the urban environment.The city council is committed to facilitating the taxi industry’s ability to switch to emissions-free operation as quickly as possible.The City Council has proposed that in the budget a total of NOK 60 million be allocated to new charging stations for electric cars in 2019 and 2020,as well as NOK 20 million for charging infrastructure for electric taxis and vans” said Environment minister,Lan Marie Berg of Miljøpartiet De Grønne (MDG) in a press release.


The municipality’s investigation showed that it is technically feasible and economically sound to introduce such environmental requirements and that it is reasonable to expect that profitability in the industry can be sustained. A separate support scheme will be established for charging points at the homes of taxpayers.

The requirements are that all taxis registered for up to nine people (including driver) must only be driven by zero-emission vehicles.This requirementmust be met within a four-year transitional period.

As of today there are a number of electric cars and hydrogen cars that meet the requirement.

Includes 1,780 levy

The City Council proposed that the requirement enters into force four years after Oslo and Akershusno longer constitute a district (which will create a Viken County municipality from 2020), or four years after Oslo and Akershus have introduced the same environmental requirements, if this occurs first .This means that the requirements will come into force no earlier than 2022/23.

There are currently around 1,780 taxis that will be covered by the requirement. Around 50 taxis in Oslo are already emission-free.


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