Oslo extends all corona measures

Raymond JohansenPhoto: Jil Yngland / NTB

The Oslo City Council has made the decision – all measures against the spread of the coronavirus in Norway’s capital will be extended. 

The measures that will be extended include a ban on private gatherings with more than ten people present, a recommendation for working from home, and a decree for the obligatory use of face masks in the event of congestion in public transport.

City Council chief Raymond Johansen (AP) says that the local authorities are following the infection situation in Oslo closely. 

Due to the current situation, they have chosen to extend the measures.

Keeping Oslo open

“The measures make it possible to keep Oslo as open as possible. At the same time, they are strict enough for us to have control over the spread of infection,” Johansen noted in a press release.

He believes that people will probably have to learn to live with the coronavirus measures until a vaccine is in place.

Johansen is therefore pleased that Oslo’s population seems to take infection control measures seriously and that infection rates are low compared to other major cities in Europe.

Johansen: The effort has an effect

“This means that the effort the population puts in, and the choices we all make every day, have an effect. 

“Although many may now be less afraid of getting sick themselves, the whole of Oslo will be affected if the infection breaks out, forcing us to introduce even stricter measures – as we have seen in other big cities,” Johansen warned.

A total of 10,016 people have been tested for coronavirus in Oslo in the last week. 

The proportion of positive tests during the period was 3.2%. 

A total of 321 people have been diagnosed with coronavirus in the last seven days.

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