Oslo is nearing the peak of infection, according to the Norwegian Institute of Public Health

Oslo City Hall, Oslo municipality finedOslo City Hall.Photo: Norway Today Media

Oslo is facing the main wave of the corona epidemic and is starting to approach the top of the contagion curve, according to a comment from the Institute of Public Health (FHI).

Oslo is close to the transition to phase 3 of the corona epidemic, where the infection has spread widely in society, the Institute of Public Health concludes in a note from April 5 sent to the Ministry of Health and Care Services. This is reported by VG.

The rest of the country is in phase 2, where most new coronavirus cases have been through infection in Norway. Møre and Romsdal and Northern Norway have few cases of infection and are in phase 1.

Phase 4 is the peak of infection and is considered a full epidemic. Phase 5 is characterized by the onset of decline.

“We expect Norway to undergo a COVID-19 epidemic with a likely start-up during the year. The health consequences and the burden on the health service will be significant,” the report concludes.

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2 Comments on "Oslo is nearing the peak of infection, according to the Norwegian Institute of Public Health"

  1. Correction: Oslo is nearing the peak of infection under the current extreme isolation condition.

    But if children are sent back to school and people back to work *without facemasks*, the virus will skyrocket, even with (impractical at rush hour) social distancing and even with (thanks to Trondheim) more extensive testing (still being after the fact).

    Even the Center for Disease Control has reversed itself and is now instead supporting everyone facemasking, even just with “cloth” masks.

  2. All the malls are open so this is no extreme isolation condition. Should be like this : https://www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice/romania/coronavirus

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