Oslo looks to Bergen and Copenhagen when considering a separate recreation area for drug addicts

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This autumn, the City Council of Oslo will decide whether Oslo will have a separate recreation area for drug addicts. Copenhagen, Aarhus, and Bergen are among the cities that have such solutions.

Since the 1960s, there have been areas described as open drug addict areas in the capital. Today, Brugata / Storgata, Vaterland and Urtegata are considered such areas.

Last year, the city council supported the proposal for a sheltered recreation area for drug addicts in Oslo. The current statistics report from the Welfare Service forms the basis for the city council when the case is to be decided this autumn, writes Aftenposten.

Several European cities have established different types of drop-in centers. The report does not take a position on where such a free area should be located, but looks at different models in Hamburg in Germany, Vienna in Austria, Zurich in Switzerland, Copenhagen and Aarhus in Denmark and Bergen.

– You get an area where you can be at peace without disturbing others, but there is also a greater danger of a harsher environment with less control and more violence, the report says.

At the same time, such a free area will reduce the current open drug scene and make these areas feel safer, but “it is highly uncertain whether open drug scenes will disappear even if you create an outdoor meeting place”, it is further stated.

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