Oslo mayor earns as much as prime minister

Oslo's mayor, Marianne Borgen of the Sosialistisk Venstreparti (SV).Photo: Håkon Mosvold Larsen / NTB scanpix

After a wage increase, Oslo’s mayor, Marianne Borgen of the Sosialistisk Venstreparti (SV) earns as much as Prime Minister Erna Solberg of Høyre (H). She thinks it is not fair.


Last week,Vårt Oslo announced that both Borgen and City Council leader, Raymond Johansen of Arbeiderpartiet (AP) received a wage increase that will give them NOK
1,365,016 in annual salary, with retroactive effect from May 1st. There is a corresponding government council salary in 2018.

In total, they have seen a wage increase of around 100,000 kroner since they joined three years ago according to NRK news.

“I am worried about wage developments. I think that now there has been so much distance between what we as politicians have and the people we have chosen to serve,that we have to re-review the system,” said Borgen during the debate on NRK1 on Thursday night.

The system she referred to was adopted by the city council in 2000,which means that the city council should follow the wage developments of the parliament. The deposit was not included for the proposal for a review.

“Both the Labour Party, the Right and the Left voted against,and democracy is the same in our system, so the regulations still apply,” she said.

The members of the red-green city council may soon be earning a salary that amounts to 90% of a government council salary in 2018.


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