Oslo municipality closes Sørenga sea swimming pool

SørengaSørenga in Oslo.Photo: Berit Roald / NTB scanpix

Sewage discharges in connection with the construction of the Follo track have led to the Oslo municipality closing the popular sea pool at Sørenga for a few days this month.


As much as 50 liters of sewage per second (around 720,000 liters) could drain into Alnaelva and further into the fjord over two nights in July due to the emissions.The sewage spill is due to security measures related to the Folloban tunnel under the Kværner tunnel.

The water and drainage plant in Oslo municipality will make sure to put filters in front of the outlet of Alna to collect rubbish that comes with wastewater, but can not guarantee that they will be able to collect everything.

In a meeting on Monday, therefore, the municipality decided that the seawater should be shut down after City Secretary, Tore Steen, advised not to bathe at Sørenga, wrote Nettavisen newspaper.

“We have therefore decided to close Sørenga the day after the discharge, until we find out if any wastewater is clean in the river and in the fjord, and then analyse the water quality,” said communications manager at the City of Oslo municipality, Richard Kongsteien.

Both wind direction and tidal conditions will be important factors for how much pollution is released in the Oslo Fjord due to the emissions. The municipality wants to be ahead in the event of the pollution becoming too large.

It has not yet been fully clarified when the emissions will take place.

At the end of May, the sea pool was closed for several days after nearly 50,000 liters of fuel oil poured into Alnaelva.


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