Oslo municipality convicted in school bullying case

Lonely girlLonely girl.Photo: Sara Johannessen / SCANPIX

Oslo municipality has been convicted in the district court of being partly responsible for a bully victim’s sickness disability. The municipality has appealed against the verdict.


A former student at a school in Oslo took the case to court last year because she thought the municipality would have put a stop to her bullying, reported NRK news.

The woman is currently unwell, and has been suffering from psychological problems she said were connected to the bullying. The judgment stated that the woman would not have been sick if the municipality had done more.

The verdict of Oslo District Court revealed that the girl, among other things, became ‘heavily bullied’, ostracised, and was pushed over.

But according to the court documents, the municipality rejected the claim that the woman was being bullied. The school’s leadership, the teachers, and those accused of being behind the bullying also rejected the woman’s claims.

The Oslo municipality believes that adequate measures were taken for the pupil, and that there is no evidence that the psychological problems the woman has suffered from were because of bullying.

Oslo municipality wouldn’t comment on the case while it is still in court. The verdict that fell in Oslo district court on June the 29th this year iwas a so-called ruling judgment, which means that the court placed responsibility for injury and then opens negotiation for correction afterwards.


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