Oslo people must prepare for snow chaos

Snow Snow chaos

The Meteorological Institute reports about 20 to 30 cm of snow will fall between Monday and Tuesday. The city administration for Oslo municipality does not think they will be able to clear all the snow quickly enough.

During the weekend, the local council has been preparing for snow removal from the sidewalks, but the reported amounts of snow can create challenges for accessibility tomorrow morning.

The agency states that it may take some extra time to clear all roads when there is such a high amount of snow.

“There may be some deviations to normal accessibility over the next few days, but we will work at high levels to keep Oslo safe and secure,” says Joakim Hjertum in the Road Section of the City Environment.

There are few snow storage depots in Oslo, Hjertum says. When conditions are as demanding as being reported leading up to Tuesday, it will become a challenge to remove large amounts of snow away from streets and sidewalks quickly enough.

“If we have to make large snow verges when we are ploughing,  we must tomorrow prioritise keeping the sidewalks open and safe. This can be at the expense of cycling, even where these have priority. We will  get rid of the snow from these as quickly as possible, so it will be possible to re-condition them to a high standard, “Hjertum says.

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration also asks drivers to drive carefully because there are reported difficult driving conditions in Oslo, Akershus and Østfold, in connection with a lot of snow and urban sludge.

“All our contractors are out or on standby. Take care of your fellow passengers on the road, slow down and drive according to conditions, writes the Road Traffic Center East on Twitter.


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