Oslo police activate measures to find perpetrators after several car fires are set deliberately

Car firesOslo.Car fires : Terje Bendiksby / NTB scanpix

A total of eleven cars are believed to have been set alight in Oslo during the past two nights. Major police resources have been installed to hunt down those responsible.

‘Of course, we look at this very seriously. All available units were activated during the night, including the police helicopter. Measures are already taken, and more will be put in place,’ operations manager, Rune Ullsand of Oslo police district told NTB news agency.
Police first reported that two cars were burning in Micheletveien at Furuset at 25 past midnight on Tuesday night. The next car fires were reported to the police at 02.48, early on Wednesday morning.
A total of six cars were then set on fire in Herslebs gate in the Gamle Oslo district of the city. According to Ullsand, first one car had been set aflame, but the conflagration spread to another five cars before being brought under control. However, there was no danger of the fire spreading to nearby buildings.
‘The investigation will continue throughout the day, and we may be able to provide more answers later. There has been technical, forensic investigation at both sites, and we are searching for a white, BMW car that a witness saw driving at high speed after the fire at Furuset.
We’ve questioned many witnesses, and conducted surveys in the areas where the arson was carried out. We have also confiscated surveillance videos for viewing, said the Oslo Police operations manager.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today


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