Oslo Police: Armed action, stabbing and knife wielding

Oslo PoliceThe police in Oslo.Photo: Håkon Mosvold Larsen / NTB scanpix

Oslo Police: Armed action after violence in Lodalen, stabbing at Galgeberg

Armed police action after violence

The Oslo Police have several units out of an ongoing armed action in Lodalen in old town (Gamlebyen), where a person allegedly is subjected to violence.


At 19.45, the police received several reports about a person who was in the area and appeared to be injured, says Operations Manager Rune Hekkelstrand to NTB.

– Emergency services were quickly on the spot and discovered that he was injured in several places on the body and had been exposed to violence. The aggrieved person has now been taken to hospital, he says.

The police will not say more about how serious the injuries in question are at present.

Additionally, the Operations Manager informs that the police are still on the spot, and are working to secure evidence. They also question witnesses on the spot, and announce that both the police and Emergency Services (AMK) have been contacted by several bystanders.

Nobody is apprehended as of now.


Man stabbed at Galgeberg in Oslo

A man in the 50’s was seriously injured after he was stabbed in the groin in the Galgeberg district of Oslo. The police have arrested the perpetrator.

– The police were at Galgeberg Corner in connection with public nuisance related to a youth gang. While the police were there a man was stabbed in the leg. The perpetrator was arrested and first aid was initiated, says Operations Manager Gjermund Stokkli to NTB.

At 10 pm, Stokkli states that the incident took place outside the pub and is not linked to it.

The involved are two men in their mid fifties. The injured man has been sent to hospital, and his condition is described as serious but not life threatening. The police have control of the scene and the knife used in the incident.

The reason for the knife stabling is as yet not known, and the Operations Manager states that the perpetrator is being brought in for questioning.


Man with knife scared bus passengers in Oslo

Police have arrested a man who allegedly wielded a knife on a bus in Oslo Monday evening. Nobody is hurt.

Police in Oslo wrote Monday night on Twitter that a man was arrested after waving a knife inside a bus on the way from Lørenskog to Furuset.

– Passengers are scared, the police tweets.

The bus was stopped at Trosterud by several police patrols, and the police are in control. The background of the incident is not yet known.Operations Manager in the Oslo police district,Gjermund Stokkli, tells NTB that the man was sitting just behind the bus driver.


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